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About Us

Who we are

The 7 Mountain Group exists to make the world a better place through Business, Innovation and Humanitarian ventures. We are a related group of companies that share the same values, and who pool resources and expertise in order to create a positive global impact as a result of our work.

What we do

We develop and deploy opportunities designed to help further business, innovation, and humanitarian ventures globally. To achieve this we employ a range of strategies such as intentional investments, focused resourcing, leadership, training and mentoring, creative enterprise, networking, marketing and advocacy.

Our Seven Mountains

What are the 7 mountains?

The “mountain” metaphor refers to a force, or influence, that strongly impacts our society and culture. These high points of influence over our lives are always evolving, and so require intentional and strategic management, if they are to benefit the many rather than just the few. We have chosen to focus on the following seven mountains:


Without doubt, the environment is critical to all life on the planet. To impact the environment in a positive way is to enhance life itself. Thus, how we repair, manage and improve the many facets of the global environment is of great interest to the 7 Mountain Group. We are committed to investing in ideas and ventures such as clean energy, environmental disaster recovery, and the protection and preservation of the environment.


People and societies are complex. They present a myriad of different customs, cultures, values and beliefs. Socio-cultural forces can enrich or impoverish a nation, while simultaneously promoting or undermining global harmony. Consequently, the 7 Mountain Group has a keen interest in enhancing humanitarian concerns such as education, health care, poverty alleviation, family and community development, helpful spirituality, and positive cultural celebration.


Technology changes lives. The last twenty years have seen a tremendous increase in the rate of technological advancement. The next twenty may well defy the limits of our imagination. The 7 Mountain Group invests in new and groundbreaking technologies that will benefit humanity and the environment. We make it possible for start-ups and entrepreneurs to realise the potential of their ideas, and for their technologies to be made available to all communities.


Ethical governance, leadership & management are essential to ensuring that economic benefits flow to all members of a community, and not just the privileged. At 7 Mountain Group we insist on healthy governance principles and practice in all our projects, so that both ethical productivity and widespread prosperity are achieved.


Resources are a key foundation of prosperity. We at 7 Mountain Group work hard to identify, refine, protect and utilise a communities available natural, financial, and human resources in such a manner that enables them to build prosperity for both themselves and the broader economy.


Media, the arts and sport are not just big business, they are also integral to the health of any society. Entire generations are shaped largely by their exposure to this mountain. That is why the 7 Mountain Group has a strong interest in promoting healthy and constructive communication and entertainment options.


Finance is the key to the other six mountains. The 7 Mountain Group is absolutely committed to the ethical generation of financial resources for the benefit of humanity and the environment. We endeavour to ensure that wealth creation programs have a humanitarian outflow integrated into them. We focus on generating funds for humanitarian projects as a first priority.

Our Work

The 7 Mountain Group works towards finding projects that fit our mission

Environmental Cleanup - Oil Spills

recoil™ is a state of the art oil spill recovery product that has been designed and developed in Australia. It is a revolutionary and innovative oil absorbent material that is designed to preferentially absorb oil and repel water.
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Clean Energy - Shandong - China

The 7 Mountain Group has entered into a 50/50 joint venture with a world renowned scientist to put new technology into power stations which will significantly reduce pollution in the Shandong province.
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The Way Foundation

The Way Foundation is a not for profit philanthropic agency, that exists to fund and support individuals & organisations that work towards the betterment of humanity and the environment. The Way Foundation is the primary instrument through which The 7 Mountain Group achieves its humanitarian and environmental objectives.

Please visit The Way Foundation here

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